EDIT: A *what I am doing now* letter. WARNING: Contains brutal honesty… and BAD language.

It is with deep sadness that I announce I have decided to close down The One World Collective, a not for profit I started 4 years ago. It has been a confronting process. I started it with the assumption that there were A LOT more generous and unconditional people in the world than there are.

The amount of energy it took to bring awareness to certain issues was extraordinary, then when that awareness was met with a thumbs up on Facebook it was more of a slap in the face.

I had felt a constant dilemma between hosting more and more events to teach/share sustainability and being disappointed when it was treated as a token event, the cool thing to do, with very few if any people actually implementing it. I have wanted so much to write more in the blog, but it seems like it just fills a gap, then people are back in their rut, quite comfortably mind you (but not all of you, thank goodness!). I have had amazing world changing project ideas rejected because “they don’t fit a look” or they are in a conflict of interest with the highest bidder. I have had media reject important issues and matching solutions because their “audience” doesn’t like hearing about that stuff.

The society we have come to create/live in, where we see something that needs change yet only share a fleeting and shallow emoji, is utter bullshit and breaks my heart to know that we are approaching some of the most catastrophic moments in human history yet we’d rather watch a cat video or scroll past. I get it, it is overwhelming but seriously. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

I have learnt so much, more than I want to know. I have witnessed human behaviour at its best and worst. Unfortunately I have seen more bad behaviour than good. I have seen corruption and greed (from the most unlikely places) and have seen so many people/organisations pushing each other down purely to push their agenda up. I have seen money, bits of paper and plastic, prevent kindness and human decency. I have seen entitlement beyond words where people actually make others feel like crap for not doing what they ask, 10/10 times it involves….. MONEY.

I have been bombarded with person after person wanting more and more from me. I have given so much, but if it didn’t move their agenda forward it wasn’t enough. It was never enough. I have decided the best thing I can do is to create a sustainable life BY doing good things.

So that is why I will be focusing on EcoBling now. EcoBling isn’t just my passion, it is my beacon of hope in a dark and overwhelming world. And every time I see a sale I know I have made a positive difference.

Thanks to everyone who has helped, supported me, listened to my heart break and mend on the journey of The One World Collective. It has been a rough ride. I started a not for profit and in my eyes that is a big achievement. Not many people do that. So although my heart is heavy that I walk away from 4 years of hard work, I am proud. Proud that I tried, proud that I have learnt the inner workings of this insane and scary world, proud that with this knowledge I can now move forward more strategically towards a world I want to live in.

Now I go to rest my head, heart and hands from this insane world. I will be back to share my journey on sustainability and ethical living, here is where I will do it (just a slight reframe of logos and “about us”). It will be raw, honest and I won’t be running anyone’s agenda. So there will be all kinds of sharing, however inappropriate.

Katie x

Managing Director. Soon to be… just me.