Can we change the world? Really?

Dear beautiful people of the world,
I met a lovely man who works for an environmental NGO on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland (Australia). I asked for a meeting to chat about my approach with The One World Collective ( In a nutshell he said that any attempt to change the world is useless unless we are changing policy. So concentrating on inspiring people to make small changes in our everyday life, as a collective, is a waste of time. Unless we are collecting people together to get behind policy change.
My answer, to be completely honest was one word. It started with F and sounded like duck. My whole concept of the Earth Centred Living Project, actually all projects with, is to empower everyday people to be the change. I was pretty down since that meeting. It is not the first time I have heard this. To be honest I felt pretty defeated. So after my initial few knee jerk reaction I think I have finally understood something pretty cool.
It is not one approach or the other, it is everything. We are all spiraling up and falling over ourselves and each other as we move towards the same goal. We are all filling different and essential roles to prepare ourselves for a leap towards a more cared for earth. Even all the policies are small steps in the big picture, we are all pieces in the larger puzzle. We all just need to keep evolving parts of our lives, communities and countries. Then in retrospect we will see the path we have created, but until then we just need to keep growing, learning and having a go. It is chaotic and that is OK, so long as we are moving.
So here is where this group/organisation fits; our role is to be one of the groups that unite people together into a global, compassionate, united, and ethical community so when some brilliant world changing policy is developed we will be there to get behind it and help push it over the line. Think about it, without this group and groups like it, there would be a lot less people getting behind these causes. We all need to work together, and we all have different strengths, passions and interests to play to. We all need to embrace where we are in life and what we have. So take the small steps, unite with like-minded others so we can be there together when the time comes to shine the light on government and corporate agendas holding us back from co-creating a healthier and happier world.
After my initial freak out The Earth Centred Living Project now has even more relevance. It will be a real, practical learning space, a space to unite, strengthen, celebrate and care for each other and our world. A place where we can connect, confront and comfort ourselves and each other. A place where positive action can happen, where it will happen. A space where we can shine and create change, in policy and practice.
Much love to all and to all big hugs,
Katie Johnston
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