How to Create Positive Change… for us (and the environment)!

First of all we have to fully understand that the title of this blog is misleading. “For us and the environment” implies we are separate from the environment that surrounds us. We are not, we are very much a part of it.

I am going to be really obvious and straightforward here. We (humans) have the power to destroy the environment but by doing so we destroy ourselves. I really don’t think we fully understand that yet, which is extremely concerning. The thing is we also have the power to be earth-centred. This means we have all the resources and information we need to be living in alignment with our local environments and by doing so we can support them (and ourselves) to be healthy and happy. We can flourish. But why aren’t we?

Part of our work at The OWC is to unite people together to form communities that are thinking globally and acting locally so we can do just that. These are urban and rural community groups where we can be inspired and inspire others to create positive changes in our lives. This is our “Hub” Program. It is through this program that I have come to see something very important, here it is.

The only way we can create change is by first demanding it from ourselves. We have to force ourselves into potentially confronting conversations and situations with an open mind and an open heart. We have to do this so we can speed up our growth and maturity as a society. We are then in a much better position to create positive change in our own lives which provides an opportunity for others to learn from us. When others are learning from us and embedding it in their lives this positive change becomes a part of our social fabric. When it becomes part of our social fabric we align with politicians who are more likely to represent our interests and govern the majority. When we elect a local government who is holding our values with respect and representing us we can not only influence their agenda, we create it. Afterall they are called a “Govern“ment for a reason, to govern. Corporate sponsors and their associated agendas either have to shape themselves to fit our social fabric, which hopefully includes earth-centred living, or find someone else to hassle. But who will want them if our community and country is only looking for earth-centred business, resources and lives. Here in Australia and other democratic countries, it is the people who empower the government (even if we may have been distracted from that fact) but the people first need to be empowered.

So going back to the beginning, how to create positive change. It is simple. Be the change. Collect together. Pave the road for others and remove the road blocks along the way. I could go on, but it is really that straightforward. It starts with you and there is a requirement that you share what you learn with others. And when road blocks or misled government/corporate agendas come in to play, highlight them and remove them.


Katie Johnston

Founder & Managing Director | The One World Collective |

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