Reflections at Thumb Creek

It is another world there. Thumb Creek Retreat, in the hills of the Central Coast in New South Wales, Australia, is an example of sustainable living to be reckoned with.

Everything there waits patiently for you to stop, breathe and take in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

With the owners, Bill & Tamika, their beautiful children, and other two other volunteers, I spent three days contributing to the build of a cob hut. It was a leap of faith for me, I grappled with all kinds of self-doubt about my abilities, or there lack of. I have always considered myself handy but this building was going to house someone. Pressure!

Then I thought of how many times have I stopped myself from building significant change in my personal life? It always seemed safer to read about others achieving their dreams of self-sustainability and earth-friendly living. Why wasn’t I doing more about it?

My self-limiting thoughts were quickly relaxed by the kind smiles, encouraging words shared by all involved and some life-coaching techniques I learnt during my studies. Then, all of the sudden, there I was shoveling, squishing and packing mud like a pro.

Building the cob hut

Upon reflection I saw that life is a bit like building a cob hut.

We can read as much as we like about creating positive change in the world but unless we actively participate in this change, unless we get our hands dirty, it remains a concept, a dream.

It is our global responsibility to “get our hands dirty” to do what we can to ensure our future generations are a part of a healthy and happy world. So how do we get started?

When we want to create something special, like positive environmental or social change, it can be intimidating. If we manage to navigate our way through the minefields of doubt and if we can juggle the abundance of competing information then we can still end up clueless about how to take that first step. The journey towards being ready to start is an extremely subjective one, with some commonalities within cultures. The gap between being ready to start and actually starting can be defeating. It has defeated me more than once, but it is how we challenge these thoughts that really matters.

When we share the journey with people who want similar things or those who hold similar values that is when progress really happens. Being in a supportive social setting, even a virtual one, gives us the cheer squad we sometimes need. Just like the cob hut, bit by bit progress can be seen in our lives. Then it is there, a mud temple. A dream turned into a reality.

It started with a champion, someone willing to stand up and open an opportunity to share their skills and resources. The beauty of this exchange deepened when an unexpected lesson on making rope from dried up banana leaves was shared by one of the volunteers. I see this all the time. Accidental sharing, it is beautiful and all it needs is the right platform.

home made banana leaf rope

So, the summary is that yes we need more champions in the world. We also need more people willing to go beyond dreaming AND we need people to start dreaming! We can open up a feast of opportunities for ourselves and so many others. We need to work through our self-limiting beliefs, to break the automatic script running in our minds telling us that we can’t, because we CAN co-create a healthier and happier world.

So please, go beyond dreaming. Become a champion. Challenge your mind. Sometimes you might need a little support doing this. Go get it. I see a psychologist on a regular basis and it is great. I don’t always hear what I want to but I always hear what I need to. Being a Life Coach also gives me a beautiful opportunity to connect with many people and help them take the next step on their journey towards creating a healthier and happier world. So, know you are not alone. There is always someone there to help, you just have to find them.

So reach out as you reach up. Take the leap and join or start a community group. Don’t forget we have our Hub program to help you start a group (for more info click here), find your people, get your hands dirty. The world needs you…

By Katie xx

What to visit Thumb Creek Retreat to finish off the cob hut? Head to their Facebook group at:

Main House - front view