About Us

Mission Statement.

Our mission is to create and facilitate opportunities for everyday people to bring about a happier and healthier world in a positive and empowering way. We aim to work together, with individuals, community groups and organisations, to create socially and environmentally responsible initiatives. Through creating uplifting and educational events, engaging social enterprises and empowering charity projects we believe everyday people can create positive change.


Our Vision.

We envision a world in which individuals, community groups, organisations and governments around the world are actively participating in the harmonious co-creation of healthier and happier lives, communities and nations in an environmentally friendly, ethical and socially responsible way.

We envision The One World Collective being a leading organisation that communicates this message not just in words but in action. We envision our name, projects and campaigns to be globally recognised as an authentic, honest and effective changemaking organisation.


Our Values.

In all of our activities, with all individuals, communities, organisations and environments, these values guide us:

  •  Inclusivity – we believe that by working as one, with each other and our natural world, we can flourish. We understand the importance of including all socioeconomic, cultural & geographical groups in our work and we consider all environments and their inhabitants (both sentient and not) as equally important and deserving of a healthier and happier existence.
  • Diversity – we understand that everyone holds unique strengths and solutions to local and global problems, and we respect and accept these differences as we work together toward a common goal of creating a healthier and happier world.
  • Empowerment – we believe everyone is capable and able to create positive change, however great. We understand the difficulties people encounter as they work towards creating positive change in their lives and their local community/environment. We strive to work together towards finding appropriate strategies that create real, self-perpetuating, and manageable change.
  • Solutions-Focused – we believe we can be more creative, flexible, tolerant and effective when we look at solutions, instead of problems. By focusing on what works well and applying that to our endeavours we aim to co-create and inspire others to co-create healthier and happier lives, communities and nations.


Our Strategy.

What do we mean by healthier & happier world?

A healthier and happier world lies in the hands of humanity. Through strengthening social solidarity and best practice governance we can improve the protection of our natural environment and promote and practice sustainability, therefore creating a healthier and happier world.

Our approach is to provide practical solutions to contentious environment and development issues. We aim to strengthen the positive relationship between humans & natural systems in a way that nurtures resilience and creates positive transformational change. We believe that responding to this challenge demands a creative set of holistic problem solving skills and non-hierarchical engagement which requires a philosophy of interdisciplinarity and strategic development.

We also aim to bridge the gap between the latest scientific research and real world solutions through tangible projects and initiatives. In that respect, The One World Collective provides world-class expertise to practice sustainability and contribute to the creation of resilience and positive transformational change, which in turn lead to a healthier and happier world.

We partner with individuals, groups, organisations and governments and work together to co-create a healthier and happier world…